About Us

Why Different?

How could a Life Insurance company be Different, I hear you ask?
And you would be right for asking.
But at Different Life it’s not just the name. We really are quite... Different
But before we go into that there a few things we do for Life Insurance that gives you comfort that you can trust us.

Firstly we have some rather significant support, our products are underwritten by Covea Life Limited, which is part of the French mutual insurance group Covea. They will assess and pay claims. The Covea group is rated “A+ Stable” by Standard and Poors. Covéa Life Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Registration Number 202277. Learn more at: www.coveainsurance.co.uk

Secondly we are regulated by the FCA, and whilst that may seem boring, it is a good thing as it means that the regulator is overseeing what we do.
If you like that kind of thing you here are the details and a useful link:
Different Life is a trading name of Different Life Management Company Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial Services Register number 792843. You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA's website

So, back to the Different bit

We were founded with the idea of Doing Good. Yes, yes we know everyone likes to say that, but let me prove it. 

Different Life was started 5 years ago with the idea that businesses should be able to make a real difference in the world; that it could be a force for good. So Different Life decided we’d forgo one premium a year and instead donate it to charity - effectively donating 8% of revenue to charity. It’s a great model, because it means charities benefit whether or not the business is profitable, and they benefit straight away.

You know what else is Different? We ask you the customer to choose which of our charities you want to support, effectively making us partners in making a difference. 

So that is how we make a difference. 

But we also want to make it easier to get Life Insurance because we think it shouldn't be so complicated.
So we have come up with the easiest way possible for you to get covered, right here online in just a matter of minutes.

Ok and then there is the actual ‘who we are’... the people, sorry if that is what you wanted in the first place but here it is. 

The Different Life founders in the UK have been helping customers get insurance for years, as strange as it may sound (and it does sound a little strange) we are really excited by the prospect of making insurance accessible and making it a force for social good. 

Here is a little bit about us

Mukesh Mittal CEO

Mukesh has had a long corporate career working round the world with companies like Allianz, Old Mutual and Liberty. He co-founded Different Life using this experience but in what he believes is the right way that insurance can be used to make a difference.

Nigel Bradshaw Product and Customer Champion

Nigel is an actuary, entrepreneur and seasoned protection expert. He is also passionate about helping people; whether volunteering as a Scout Leader, or designing insurance to look after loved ones. That is why he is our Customer Champion.

Andrew Lester Marketing

Andrew is a creative and a serial entrepreneur with an MBA (GIBS). It is a strange combination but it has allowed him to gain experience across the entire marketing and communications spectrum. Andrew founded and ran a production company, a communications strategy consultancy and a communications agency. He was an executive Director for Different Life in South Africa for four years.